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Since 2015, Michele has been an emerging author with Creative Kids Tales (CKT). Michele's artwork appeared on the cover of the CKT Story Collection published in 2017. The Story Collection includes two of Michele's stories (see excerpts below) and many of her black and white illustrations.

In addition, Michele's colourful artworks have won the cover illustration on two online CKT Anthologies: Deep within the Forest (2015) and Aliens, Animals and Amazing Places (2016).

Her children's rhyming story "From Spinifex to Forest Leaves: A Bilby’s New Home" was also published in the Deep within the Forest anthology.

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The Kookaburras' Last Laugh

The Kookaburras' Last Laugh is a short tale about Wakadoo – a little community where Aussie bush animals usually live harmoniously. Lately the animals have been rather cross and cranky with each other and the huge hollow gum tree in the centre of the bush has been overflowing with complaints. We join the story as the animals gather to hear which animals have received the most complaints, all knowing that the animals who receive the most complaints must promise to change their behaviour OR  will be asked to leave Wakadoo!

Excerpt from The Kookaburras' Last Laugh:
Waiting for the meeting to start, the Wakadoo animals gather in anticipation around the hollow gumtree. Some of them balance in the branches and others squat or sprawl amongst the shrubs. The koalas nervously gnaw on gum leaves, the kookaburras ruffle their feathers, and the wombats sniff and snort – all unable to settle...


A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach is a rhyming story which Michele originally wrote at age 14. It is a comical story about a young girl with big expectations for a day at the beach and all the fun that will be had. Unfortunately, the day does not turn out as expected with annoying flies, slimy seaweed, burning sun, and worst of all... bird poo! Have you had a day at the beach where everything goes wrong?!

Excerpt from A Day at the Beach:
I rushed to the water taking no heed.
My leg got twisted in slimy seaweed.
The waves were crashing and I got dumped,
was washed on shore where I wearily slumped.

When back on the beach I saw something foul.
A rude seagull had pooed on my towel!
The wind was gusty, my hat blew away.
The sand stung my legs. What a lousy day.

The Kookaburras' Last Laugh and A Day at the Beach both appear in the Creative Kids Tales Story Collection published in 2017.


A Bilby's New Home

This rhyming story was inspired by the many brave children in foster care who may find themselves living with unfamiliar people and in unknown places. The bilby in the story, named Skeep, finds himself in a tricky situation with dingoes on the prowl. He bounds as fast as he can over sandy outback grasslands in order to find safety. When he stops he finds himself in unfamiliar bushland and is scared and all alone. Skeep is encouraged to share his fears and ask for help and, in doing so, finds comfort from unlikely new friends.

Excerpt from A Bilby's New Home:
One night while Skeep was playing,
the dingoes were on the prowl.
Skeep could sense them very near,
their wild dog smell and howl.

In darkness, the dingoes crept,
their teeth beginning to show.
The bilbies ran to burrows,
but Skeep, his wit too slow!

Suddenly a dingo chased,
Skeep’s legs began to scurry.
He bounded over grassland,
to survive he had to hurry!

He finally found shelter,
the moon rays shining through.
Strange tall trees and fallen logs,
this was not the home he knew.

Creative Kids Tales Deep within the Forest Anthology published online in 2015.

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ISBN: 9781310975059

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